The Headaches Of Owning A Car!

I can still remember getting my very first car all those years ago. I think it was 16 or so years ago. Even though it was second hand car but I was so happy when I finally took possession of it. At that time owning a car was a dream come true.

I just started work back then as a lowly FA artist, and I used to take a bus to work everyday. I hated it actually. Imagine having to get up early then walk to the bus stop to make sure you don't miss the bus and end up getting to work late. I have this thing about punctuality and I'm always early so I have to leave extra early to get to the bus stop every morning.

Then somewhere into my 8 month or so of working, I took a small loan from my company to buy this small little Honda Civic. I can still vividly remember taking the cheque form my then boss, and going to the used car dealer to pay them and then getting to take my car home. Boy, you should have seen the look on my face ... LOL!

I thought all my problems would end there. I mean, I now had a car, I was no longer a slave to the bus schedule. I could go where I want to at anytime I wanted to. Little did I realize the headaches that would be involved in owning a car.

Firstly there's the maintenance to pay, the fuel to pay and most importantly the insurance coverage for it. Running around on your own trying to get the best deals and best Insurance Coverage for Cars can really wear you down. Well, I've just discovered a site called that make things a little easier. By offering Online Insurance Policy it makes getting your car insurance done so much faster eliminating those annoying insurance agents (no disrespect to insurance agents here) bombarding you with calls that are full of promises yet less in coverage package and no tiring trip from one brokerage office to the next just to get a quote. are affiliated with the insurance companies offering Better Car Insurance Rates in the market. By going online and filling up the auto insurance quote in the site, you'll instantly get a quote in a coverage that you desire from a number of top-notch insurance companies. After which, you just pick out from the list the auto insurance coverage that suits you.

So, check out the next time your car insurance is due, I'm sure you won't regret it :)

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sweetiepie said...

Hmm, is this the $2 assignment? banyaknya links... hehe.

Spiff said...

Yes, sweetiepie, this is the bloody $2 assignment. I was tempted not to even do it ... but money is money ... LOL!