Let There Be Light!

Last night I was sitting in the living room and watching this movie called the Island, it was a pretty good show. The kids were already in bed seeing as how it's a school night and Mrs. Spiff was upstairs happily doing her paid postings so it was just me all by myself downstairs.

Normally after 8.30pm whenever we watch TV, we always switch of the main halls lights and switch on this floor up-lighter lamp that we bought from Ikea. That would be our only illumination besides the TV and it gives the place a nice romantic feel.

But yesterday I was thinking that maybe we'd need a few more of those kinds of lamps in the living room. I mean that was the only one we had in the hall and it'd be great to have a few more, maybe in different designs and different illumination. The shadows that up lighter threw on the wall was pretty soothing but kinda boring seeing as how it's always in the same place and always casting the same kind of illumination.

Having more of those kinds of lamps would definitely give the place a different mood everyday, seeing as how I could place the lamps in different corners of the living room and switch them on for different days :) So, having decided that that's what I would like to do, immediately after the movie (and of course after my wife finished with her postings) I logged on to do a little research on lamps and lamp shades for the living room.

What I came across astounded me. I'm really a blur case when it comes to decorating and coming up with ideas for the home (ask me to conceptualize an advert, now that would be easier ... hehehe) and the amount of lamps I found in this site called Farreys.com was simply phenomenal! They had thousands of lamps on offer such as table lamps, floor lamps, torchieres, piano lamps, reading lamps and lots more that I was practically getting dizzy just browsing through their selection.

The site was set up to be real simple to use (even for a doofus like me). You can browse through their selection by simply keying in the type of lamp you're looking for in their search tool which quickly helps you find that perfect lamp for any of your applications. And they have dozens and dozens of lamps from top manufacturers with a wide range of styles at the lowest prices for you to choose from. Now, how can you beat that :)

Well, I did shortlist a few last night that would suit exactly what I have in mind abut first I'm gonna have to sell my idea to my wife and see if she'll go for it. She doesn't know of my plan for a different lamp for a different mood idea yet ... hehehe ... It's gonna take some doing trying to convince her, cos she's even more difficult to convince than my clients .... LOL!