That Cool Breezy Feeling ...

I'm actually on the lookout for a new ceiling fan. The one in my room is totally dead. In fact it has been for quote sometime. Just been too lazy to go get it fixed. I really can't remember how long I've had that fan but I think it's been around for about 1o years now, so I'd say it's served its purpose, not to mention life span ... LOL!

Anyway, I looked in the newspapers for some ads on ceiling fans. You'd think there would be a lot of ceiling fans ads in the papers, right? Well, wrong! I flipped through every page and came up with zilch! I found that pretty weird though. Isn't ceiling fans sold anymore? Is everyone so dependent on air conditioning that they've stop selling fans? I hope not though.

Seeing as how I couldn't find anything in the newspapers, I decided to go online for a search. Oh boy, that was a mistake. The search results came back by the thousands. Now I have too much information. LOL!

Well, I zeroed into a few companies and I found this particular one pretty interesting. It's called and they have thousands (yes thousands!) of unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories from more than a dozen popular manufacturers on offer!

Once you login into their site, you can easily shop for ceiling fans by style or by brand. And trust me, the have some pretty fancy brand names such as hunter ceiling fans, which at first I though was maybe for those interested in big game hunting ... LOL! Then there's the fanimation ceiling fans, which sounded like something out of a cartoon series. Fanimation? Animation? Get it? No? ...urrrmmm ... never mind. LOL! Well, with their ceiling fan customization system, it was a breeze ordering the kind that suited my character and needs.

Now hopefully the wife likes the one I ordered :D