My Spanking New Toolbox!

Last week I decided, at the prompting of my beloved wife to get myself a new toolbox cos the one that I have has outlived its usefulness already. Over the years I've been collecting and buying tons of equipment and stuff that my tool box just couldn't close properly anymore. Even the latches broke and I had to like tie the cover down and use a padlock to hold the latch in place. It's a pathetic sight, trust me.

Wifey has been asking me to get one for ages but I couldn't bring myself to getting a new one. It would be like betraying the old tool box which I've had for ages. But last Saturday, I had no choice but to buy a new one cos I couldn't even close the cover of that old toolbox anymore. It was either get a new one or throw some my my tools and equipment away and no way was I ever going to do that!

So, I went with wifey to our favourite hardware store (wifey also just love these hardware stores - cool isn't she) and we picked out a new toolbox for myself, a much bigger one that would fit every single bit of tools, screw, nails, cable ties, nuts, bolts, pliers, screwdrivers, masking tapes, etc, etc, etc that I have. But then I still couldn't bring myself to throwing that old toolbox, so I decided to keep it and store some of my tools in there, now I have 2 toolboxes ... LOL!

Actually I wish I had me one of those nice metal buildings that you can custom make into anything you want. I would love to have one made into a nice little workshop for me, then maybe I can house all my tools in there. That would just be awesome. I could even link it to some carports so that if I were to mess around with my car, my tools would be so near to me ... LOL! I've seen some in this site called which has countless designs for steel buildings that could be used as workshops, for agricultural stuff, aircraft hangars and lots more. I've come away mighty impresssed. Now to go bug Mrs. Spiff to get me one for Christmas ... LOL!