Of Ethernet And Snowmen ...

Anyone of you out there interested in Ethernet cables? No? Yes? Well, if you are then please go check out this site called Firefold that sells Cat6 Ethernet cables of various types. There, I've done my assignment already ... LOL! Now I can get back to some personal blogging.

I'm still in a Christmas mood and I probably will be until way after Christmas. Wifey and me went shopping again this evening after I got home from work and bought a couple of presents for my nephews and nieces and we're almost done with our presents shopping, just a couple more, that's all. Well, I still do have to look for something for my two buddies and their wives and not forgetting wifeys own gift which I've yet to buy. But that one, I've got to go on my own.

Normally I'm already in dreamland around this time but not today. I don't know why, I guess cos Christmas is just round the corner and also probably cos I'm on holiday tomorrow and don't need to get up early ... LOL! It's raining out there (wish it was snow though) and it's going to be a nice night to cuddle up in bed with Mrs. Spiff later.

I'm going to mess around with my Christmas tree tomorrow and also try and make some snowmen cos I promised the kids I would. They've been waiting eagerly to see the snowman yesterday but I was just too tired to work on it. I had a hectic weekend which you can read all about in Anything Goes! I've already bought all the material I would need for the snowman and I have an idea how to construct it but I've never done it before so it's going to be trial and error. Hopefully I don't screw it up cos my kids can be such nasty little critics ... LOL!

I'll post some pictures of the snowman tomorrow if I am at all successful in getting it done :D I think I'm going to call it a day for now, so have a great night if you're from my part of the world and if you're from the other side of the world, have a great morning then :)

2 weird comments:

Sweetiepie said...

Ahhh... seems like everybody is busy shopping! :)

I've made a Snowman before, using newspapers and cottons. Quite difficult but the end result is nice. I've no idea where it went though... must have ran with Santarina or something! LOL

Spiff said...

Sweetiepie - You got that right, everyone and the kitchen sink is out shopping ... LOL! Well, it's the shopping season anyway, ya?

You made a snowman, wow, that's so cool. I hope mine turns out decent. Will let you know how my experiment went ... LOL!