What The Future Holds ...

I've been thinking about my future. I tend to do that at times when I really have nothing much to do at all, like now. That's not entirely true though. I do have some things that need to be done but they're not that urgent so I can procrastinate a little ... LOL!

It's already Friday and I should be pretty happy cos I'm always happy on Fridays. But today I'm in a little pensive mood. And the reason is cos on the way while driving to work, I've been thinking of what the future holds for me. I am not getting any younger, that's for sure. How will I cope in the future when I'm old and grey. Am I going to be senile and be a burden to my kids? Will my kids look after me the way I'm taking care of my mom? Will they send me to a nursing home to get me out of their hair?

So many questions but definitely no certain answers. I'm not a firm believer in NOT sending anyone to a nursing home. My believe is my parents did their best to bring me up, went through a lot of suffering and sacrifices to provide for me and it is my responsibility to take care of them when they're old and a nursing home is definitely out of the question.

But then, I think about a little deeper and I realize that in this day and age, where we're doing nothing but chasing riches and success, the husband and wife may both be working hard to provide for their own children that it may become difficult having to look after an older parent. I've seen a lot of people send their parents to nursing homes and I guess it's becoming a fact of life these days. I think it's sad but sometimes they just may have no choice, ya?

I guess it can't be that bad living in nursing homes these days. It's way better compared to the older days when nursing homes were in deplorable conditions. It's much more modernised now so I guess if my kids decide to send me to one in my old age and if they had access to blogging, I wouldn't put up too much of a fight ... LOL!

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Shemah said...

Same here.. I don't ever want to think of sending my mom to a nursing home. But never say never, right?

But hey, nowadays, the elderly are checking into nursing homes THEMSELVES because it's just wayyyyy MORE FUN than staying at home alone with nobody to talk to. Nursing homes are more like retirement homes where they have social outings organized, bingo nights and such.

So, people nowadays shouldn't be too judgmental if others DO send their parents to nursing homes, methinks.

Nick Phillips said...

Shemah - yup, never say never. The future can be so unpredictable at times.

Now if they organized blogging nights, I'll be the first to check myself in there ... LOL!

But I think you're right. Staying home with no one to talk to can suck, especially when you're older, that's when you need a little more company around.

I guess that nursing home doesn't sound so bad. I wonder if they accept quirky annoying spacemen like me? :D

Menopauseprincess said...

I had similar thoughts on the ground the other night, I hate thinking like that even if it's to do an assignment!

Spiff said...

MP - We all can't escape from thoughts like these every so often. It's something I hate thinking about too but there are days when you just wonder about what the future holds.