My Unique Award!

I was blog hopping the other day and I came across this award given to me by Shemah. I wasn't sure if it really was for me, so I looked again and yes, it was for me. Woohoo! The award was for Most Unique Blog of the Year! Wow, how cool is that. Eat your heart out Nick. Even you can't claim to have such an award!

I'm so glad that she thought my blog was unique. I would have thought I'd be given the Slightly Screw Loose in the Head award instead ... LOL! Well, I'm going to proudly display my award out here for all to see and fume in utter jealousy ... muahahahaha ... ok, ok, I'm just kidding but I am honoured to receive such an award! Thanks Shemah. I'm not going to award this to anyone though cos I want to keep it all for myself ... it's mine, mine I tell ya ... LOL!