Just As Bad ...

I was complaining on my other blog, Anything Goes about my son eating non stop and how his waistline has been increasing since the school holidays started. Then this afternoon after I got back from lunch with Mrs. Spiff, I took a peek at my own waistline and urrrrmmmm, it's also on an upwards spiral, size wise that is!

I'm blaming it all on the Christmas holidays and I don't care if you think I'm making up excuses ... LOL! How can I resist all the good food that's been out there during this time. Not to mention skipping on all my running sessions all through the month of December. In fact I haven't even started my running programme for the year yet!

I've got to get my priorities in order pretty soon or I'll just be too lazy to start on anything and I'll end up looking like Gloria, the hippo from Madagascar!

'Urmmmm, Spiff, Gloria's a woman!'

Hey, aren't you that wise ass from that fellow Nick's blog? Why don't you just stay there and keep your unwanted comments to yourself! Besides Mr. Smarty Pants, name me a male hippo that you know! No answer, huh?

Well, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by Mr. Smarty Pants up there, I need to get my priorities in order pretty soon. So, first thing tomorrow evening, I'm gonna put on my dusty pair of running shoes again and go for my first run of the year. I know every bone in my body is going to protest and ache like a giraffe on steroids but a man's (even a spaceman) got to do what a man's got to do :D

Unless of cos the weather acts up. It's been acting up every evening with horrible electrical storms and no way in hell and I going to run in the rain with lightning bolts shooting every which way. Maybe I should invest in a treadmill for days like these. What say you?

2 weird comments:

upset waitress said...

I would do the tread mill thing personally. I mean, you can jog in the AC while eating cookies. Plus you'll never get lost. Oh, and you won't be taking such a big chance of being run over by a car or something.

Spiff said...

Upset Waitress - Not forgetting being chased by crazy dogs! LOL!

The treadmill is beginning to sound like a great idea, especially the cookie eating part ... LOL!