Forever Young

I'm thinking of taking a vacation sometime soon. I know it's only March and all that and that I've been having quite a few long holidays the past two months but somehow I just feel lethargic. I don't know, maybe age is catching up with me. I'm not my active old self these days.

It takes me all that much more effort to do things that I could previously do without even working up a sweat. And by the time I do whatever it is that needs to be done, I'm totally bushed. Oh, where has my youth gone? How did it just sneak by and leave behind this old, slow, naggy person. Darn!

I've never ever given it a second thought that I'd grow old. I always think of myself as some 20 year old spunky and active youth who could take on the world and not feel at all tired. In fact, my mind and spirit still feels that way all the time, it's just that my body doesn't really work in tandem with my mind anymore. This old body is perpetually trying to play catch up with that darn hyper active mind that by the time the day is over, I'm the one who suffers!

Sometimes we think we could be doing the things we've been doing forever without realizing that there is this thing called age that creeps up and makes us feel like old farts. I guess I shouldn't be complaining all that much. After all I'm still only just 40 years young and they say life begins at 40. Well, I'm still waiting Life! Just where in heavens name are you? I can't wait forever you know! LOL!

Gosh, I've started blabbering incoherently already. Definitely not a good sign. I seriously think that vacation I was talking about might come in handy. The boys will be off for one week next week for the the school holidays so that might just be the perfect opportunity to pack up and head out somewhere far away. Anyone know of any good vacation deals?

6 weird comments:

andy j said...

I can hear my old bones creaking loudly as well when I start to do something a little too strenuous.

Age, we can't escape it!

Spiff said...

Andy - Yup, there's just no escaping age! Darn!

Rozella said...

Maybe 40 won't do. Maybe you'll have to wait till you're 50 and then life will appear. That's what Oprah says! Hehehe

Spiff said...

Rozella - 50? Oh my god, I'll be in a rocking chair by then la! LOL! Oh well, only 10 years more to wait and see if that theory is true :D

Shemah said...

don't worry Spiffman. 50 is the new 40's! :) So you get to be 40 twice!! How fun! But seriously lah.. I also need a vacation!

Spiff said...

Shemah - Whoa, that is something to look forward to ... LOL! Getting to be 40 twice sure seems like a whole load of fun :D

So take that holiday already, what are you waiting for? :D