The Halfway Mark

It's halfway through the week already and normally the days will move so much faster after Wednesdays. I've got a couple of things that need to be done at the office so I might not have much time to blog. But then, knowing me, I'll try and squeeze a little blogging time somewhere down the line ... hehehe ...

Ok, since I don't have much to say right now, I'll leave you all with this joke I read. I found it hilarious :D Hope you had as much fun laughing to it as I did.

The Pope dies and, naturally, goes to heaven where he's met by a reception committee of angels. After a whirlwind tour, The Pope is told that he can enjoy any of the myriad recreations available.

He decides that he wants to read all of the ancient original text of the Holy Scriptures, so he spends the next eon or so learning the languages.

After becoming a linguistic master, he sits down in the library and begins to pour over every version of the Bible, working back from the most recent "Easy Reading" to the original handwritten script.

The angel librarian hears a loud scream, and goes running toward its source only to find the Pope huddled in a chair, shaking and crying.

"The R! They left out the R!"

"What do you mean?" the angel librarian asks.

After collecting his wits, the Pope sobs again, "The word was supposed to be CELEBRATE!"