Isn't Anything Safe Anymore?

I've just been blog hopping and the amount of blogs that have news regarding the milk powder ban and the melamine induced in that white rabbit sweet is just shocking. What is wrong with this world that people are so unscrupulous to put all kinds of things into food products and sell them just to make a profit?

Don't they care that it's poisoning some poor child out there who needs milk? Don't they care that children love to eat that white rabbit sweet? Even I used to eat it back when I was kid. Gosh, I could have been poisoning myself since way back.

And now I just read on Nessa's blog a few minutes ago about a list of items that's being recalled due to China's milk nonsense. And the list includes things like M&M's, Snickers (something I used to eat), Oreo wafer sticks, mini cornetto ice cream and lots more. For a more detailed list, go read her blog. It's just too sickening to mention.

I also read the supermarkets and hypermarkets are taking all the stuff affected by this off the shelves even as I write this post. And not a moment too soon, I would say. Maybe they need the services of a truck rental company to help them send all these products back to China.

I'm going to have to be more careful with the stuff I buy out there. And I'm also going to have to warn my kids to not buy any junk food out there as well. Better safe than sorry I would say.

3 weird comments:

Nessa said...

I sedih la... Snickers recalled, Magnum ice cream pun recalled. I used to eat those. Harap2 I'm not poisoned! *Touchwood*

Spiff said...

Nessa - I eat those too. Damn them for being so evil! Somebody should force the melamine down these people's throats la ... That'll learn them!

I'm giving up eating anything with milk in it, especially from China.

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