Status Check

It's been like ages since I last updated this blog. And there is a reason for that. You see, them ugly little slimy Zorkian bugs have put a price out on my head. Apparently I've hurt their stinking little girly feelings when I said their breaths smells like rotten fish on steroids. Ok, maybe that was a little too much. Maybe just rotten fish without the steroids! LOL!

Actually, the truth of the matter is I've had a very busy weekend. For those of you who wanna know what I did over the weekend, go read my other blog, I'm too lazy to explain over here ... LOL! Beside, I really had no time to even mess with this blog. And secondly no one has given me any new assignments to do ... uwaaaaaa!!! Come on people, give me some new ops to do. Can't you see I'm desperate here?

Anyways, the week so far hasn't been all that kind to me. I was almost down with flu and fever yesterday but thank god it didn't catch on though I do have a slight case of the sniffles and an irritable throat but otherwise I'm A-ok :D Well, if you consider being slightly insane okay that is.

Well, that's a short little update from me in the month of September. What? It's September already? And you know what that means? Well, it's almost time for Christmas!

'Hey moron, the Hari Raya celebrations isn't over yet and you're talking about Christmas?'

Who you calling a moron, fool! What's it to you if I happen to love Christmas (no disrespect to my Muslim buddies). And I read somewhere in Chegu Carols blog that in the Philippines they start their Christmas preparations and promtions from September and I happen to think that is a brilliant idea :D I think I'll go dig out my Christmas tree this weekend ... LOL!