A Ghost, A Few Wives And Some Forensics!

You know what day today is? No? And no, it's not the day I start giving out free best fat burners. Well it's Tuesday and more importantly than that it's Desperate Housewives night ... LOL! And before that there's Ghost Whisperer, another show that I enjoy watching. Yes, yes, this spaceman has a soft side, big fat deal!

I kinda like Tuesdays, first of all they're so much better than Monday's and secondly, TV wise, they have some nice decent shows lined up all in a row. It starts off with Ghost Whisperer followed by Desperate Housewives and then ends with CSI: NY, which is my favorite of all the CSI franchises.

It'll be a nice glorious 3 whole hours of sitting on the couch, munching goodies and watching that idiot box. Now isn't that life :D Tuesday's are basically the only day they have something good on TV. The other days, well it's just not the same.

On a sad note, Patrick Swayze passed away today which really saddened me cos he's a pretty decent actor. He wasn't really on my list of favorite actors until only recently when I started watching the recently concluded The Beast TV series. Obviously now the show will never have a second season seeing as how Patrick was one of the lead casts.

Anybody who's seen the series The Beast would know what a great and committed actor he was cos you could never tell from that series that he was battling cancer. And I just found out from Mrs. Spiff that he refused to take pain killers while filming cos it would take the edge of him and not give authenticity to his acting! May you rest in peace, Patrick!

6 weird comments:

Anny said...

ha! u just reminded me to leave my post here n watch tv :D

i always loved Patrick in Dirty Dancing & Ghost. May he rest in peace. He was a great dancer.

foongpc said...

3 hours of TV and munching goodies sounds really good, but also sounds really fattening! Haha!

I kinda like Ghost Whisperer though I don't mind not watching it either. As for Desperate Housewives I like the 1st season best, but it's still watchable though I have sort of lost touch with the characters!

CSI:NY is excellent, but I also don't watch too much of it cos I don't really watch TV! Haha! Too busy blogging!!

I have only watched Patrick Swayze in Ghost, other than that, don't really watch his other shows. May he RIP!

Marlene said...

OMG! Now I know why I heard his name mentioned on the radio this morning. And his song "She's like the wind" was played. I knew he had cancer and that tv series of him. How I remember him in the movie, "Ghost" and "Dirty Dancing". He will be missed.

CSI:NY is my favorite of all ths csi's, too, shows on Mondays here.

Spiffy said...

Anny - LOL! You're welcome!

He was an incredible actor, always very committed. Sad to know that he's gone ...

Spiffy said...

Foong - Hahaha ... yes, it's fattening alright!

Judging by the length of your posts, I'm surprised you even have time to blog ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

Marlene - I didn't know he passed away until I got a text message from Mrs. Spiff letting me know. I was shocked! He will be missed.