Stress Inducing Clients

You know, working from home and being able to choose your clients doesn't really save you from getting some pretty moronic kinds once in a while. I'm in the midst of doing some work for this client I have, a long time one at that and they're really making my stress level rise.

The fact that they're good pay masters is the only reason I'm still doing work for them. As it is I already charge for creative work that is way too cheap and then they come up with all kinds of crazy demands. We need this picture, we need this whole leaflet translated, we need this to look expensive, we need to have the London bridge and a time machine ... you get my drift right?

I suppose as long as they're pay me on time, which so far they do, I guess I'll still accommodate them until the point I get totally fed up and increase my prices to factor in for all their stress inducing fuss!

I wonder if doing work for car insurance companies would be a lot easier or not?

2 weird comments:

Anny said...

just get them a quote on the images they need... from imagebank.. they'll flip.. *LOL*

try (their pics are ok and much cheaper)

Spiffy said...

Anny - They're just too cheapskate to buy any pics la. They always tell me to search online, steal some and modify, memang cheapos la! Not easy to modify one lagi!

I have an account with Inmagine but if I use them they sure freak out one ... hahaha!