How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Meet Rufus, the new addition to the family. Mrs. Spiff and me went out and bought him today and brought him home. We don't even know what breed he is but Mrs. Spiff fell in love with him the moment she laid eyes on the cute little critter.

Now, of course, we would have to explain to that Diva 'ish' doggy we have at home just why are we bringing a new dog home with us. She doesn't take too well to having competition in the house seeing as how she's the absolute queen of this house.

But to our surprise, she got along fine with good old Rufus and has started to 'guard' good old Rufus as if he belonged to her. Yes, she also thinks everything in this house belongs to her as well.

Now, of course I really didn't buy a new dog. I'm sure you all could tell he's just a stuffed toy. You could tell, right? Right? Riiiggghhhhtttttt? Mrs. Spiff just loved that stuffed dog the moment she laid eyes on it and since she liked it, I told her to just buy it. Besides it was on sale too and was going for a fraction of its original exorbitant price.

I kinda like the lil fellow too. Scruffy looking character. Mrs. Spiffy says he looks a little like Dommy ... urmmm ... maybe a little la. I wonder if he can go skiing or not. I mean he sure does have loads of fur and should be right at home in a snowy environment. Maybe I should put on my snow boots and take the fellow into the freezer and test my theory. LOL!

On the serious side, he is a cute little fellow even for a stuffed toy. Pebbles seem to think he belongs to her and perpetually sits next to him. She just loves stuffed toys and the more she has the merrier. So if any of you want to posraju any gifts to her (hint, hint) make sure it's a stuffed toy ... LOL!