Money, Money, Money ...

Good god! I just realized that the insurance for my spaceship is due soon. In fact I didn't even know I had to get insurance for my spaceship until some Zorkian bugs decided to send me a notice. Darn those bugs! Now I gotta go some money and also people offering insurance for spaceships ... there goes my weekend.

It's a good thing my car's road tax and insurance is taken care of by my office. At least I don't have to worry about stuff like that. I already have enough things to worry about let alone having to remember to get insurance and stuff like that.

But I suppose if I really had to look for my car insurance I'm sure just firing up the old search engine and keying in the words car insurance blog would see me getting a ton of hits. These days you can almost find anything with the internet.

Speaking of finding anything, let me go see if I can find free money being offered somewhere in this world ... LOL!