The Significance Of Today ...

You know what today is? Well, I'm sure you do,unless of course you're a doofus ... LOL! Well, just in case you really are a doofus (like me), I'll let you in on what day today is. Today is Friday the 13th and I wouldn't even have realized it if Mrs. Spiffy didn't tell me. Guess that makes me a doofus too just like the rest of you who didn't know what day today is.

What's so special about Friday the 13th you may ask. Ahhhh now that's not something I'm going to tell you. You just have to work hard and find out for yourself. You don't expect me to spoon feed you all the time now do you. But seriously though, there really is a significance to this date. Go Google it, go Yahoo it, Go Bing it, whatever but go find out about it.

And if you can come back to me with the significance of this date, I'll give you all some romeo cigars for your effort ... LOL!