Little Red Corvette

Arggghhhh! What a way to start the morning.

6.00am - Wake up, brush teeth, shower (brrrr ... cold, thank god for heaters).

6.20am - Put on running shoes to get ready for run later.

6.30am - Start the car to warm up the engine to send the boys to school.

6.35am - Engine dies while idling (Darn, maybe its too cold).

6.36am - Engine refuses to crank!

6.37am - Engine still refuses to crank!

6.38am - Smell of fuel from carburetor overflow (the effects of trying to crank the car forcefully).

6.39am - Boys start grumbling cos they have to walk to school.

6.40am - Too disheartened to run.

6.41am - Take out my gps tracker and head back upstairs and sleep!

6.42am - (Thinking) What a bloody lousy day this is going to turn out to be and it's not even 7am yet ... sigghhh ...