She Works Hard For The Money!

Sometimes I hate my job! Why of why couldn't I have chosen a much simpler job in my younger days? Why oh why did I have to have this ambition to join the advertising and print industry? Why oh why didn't somebody smack me on the head when I said I wanted to be in advertising?

Even back in school when everyone was dreaming about being doctors, soldiers, police officers and all that crap, I always wanted to be in advertising. And now that I am, I feel like kicking myself silly and trust me, I would if I could!

Advertising and print has to be one of the most life shortening careers out there! If my kids ever come and tell me they want to join the same industry I'm in, I'll smack them silly, lock them in a dungeon and throw the key away ... LOL! They should join something easier and less stressful like maybe working in the government. Now that is one job that is really not a job cos no one works ever there ... hahaha!

Good god, I hope they're not reading this post otherwise I'll probably end up building Kohler toilets in some dark cell somewhere!